Russell Wilson floats 'crazy' overtime idea during Raiders-Ravens game

在星期一晚上, 的 拉斯维加斯攻略巴尔的摩乌鸦 went into overtime.

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NFL rules, if the team that gets the ball first via a coin toss scores, they win the game. If they kick a field goal, then the opponent has a chance to answer with a field goal or win with a touchdown. If the team that gets the ball first doesn’t score, the opposing team gets to attempt a score to win the game. If after 15 minutes the game is still tied, then the game will end in a tie.

罗素·威尔逊 appeared on ESPN’s Monday Night Football’s game cast hosted by Peyton and Eli Manning and offered a radical idea on how to fix overtime.


You go 15 分钟, an extra quarter, or however long that extra overtime is, and then if nobody scores, we all end in a tie and go home. How terrible is that?” 的 西雅图海鹰队 quarterback said.

I’ve got a crazy idea. Imagine this right here. Imagine we went through this whole thing, this 10-minute overtime, or whatever, nobody scored. You come back in for another coin toss. Do the coin toss. … The Raiders come out for a second coin toss, and they win it.

So now you get to choose, for one kick – are we going to kick it, or are they going to kick It? You have to kick it from the 35, or maybe the 40.

Wilson’s idea is unlikely to get traction but the NFL could take a page out of college football’s overtime rules where teams go tit-for-tat until a team fails to match.