Russia responsible for Alexander Litvinenko's assassination, European court rules

Russia was responsible for killing Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian agent turned Kremlin critic who died in London by polonium poisoning in 2006, 유럽인권재판소 (ECHR) 화요일 말했다.

The ruling found thatRussia was responsible for assassination of Aleksandr Litvinenko in the UK.
The Court found in particular that there was a strong prima facie case that, in poisoning Mr Litvinenko, Mr Lugovoi and Mr Kovtun had been acting as agents of the Russian State,” 그것은 말했다, referring to the names of two Russian agents accused of killing Litvinenko.
    The court also ruled that Russian authoritieshad not carried out an effective domestic investigation capable of leading to the establishment of the facts and, where appropriate, the identification and punishment of those responsible for the murder.
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