'Ruthless' podcast torches Caitlyn Jenner for bailing on interview: 'Scam campaign'

On Thursday’s episode, the co-hosts began by revealing to listeners that they were supposed to interview the reality TV star-turned-politician on Wednesday but that when they launched the Zoom session, she never showed up despite the podcast’s efforts to accommodate her schedule, which resulted in a special third episode this week.

“It tells you a few things… You don’t reach out to a show that you ultimately don’t go on,” Josh Holmes told listeners. “You don’t unprofessionally let people know that you can’t make it unless you are a completely unorganized s—show that is a scam campaign from the very beginning that is doing nothing but trying to draw attention away from legitimate candidates who have a capacity to try to unseat the most liberal, disingenuous piece of garbage governor in this country, maybe aside from Governor Cuomo.”


He continued, “So if you’re a sideshow and you just want to show up in the tabloids and pretend like the conservative movement means something to you when it really clearly doesn’t mean s— to you, then enjoy yourself, you know. Like TMZ, I’m sure, is standing outside of her house right now. That’s fantastic.”

Comfortably Smug insisted he wasn’t “mad” but stressed that Jenner bailing last minute was “disrespecting our listeners” and how Ruthless has become a must-do for prominent Republican politicians. 

“We had Chris Christie on Tuesday’s episode and then we slotted in the House Republican Minority Whip, Steve Scalise, into a Wednesday episode to accommodate you, Caitlyn,” Michael Duncan said. “If you launch your campaign, and you want conservatives to vote for you, but you’re scared to come on Ruthless, don’t announce your campaign! You’re not ready.”

Amanda Henneberg, Ruthless’s Hollywood correspondent known on the variety ‘progrum’ as “Hollywood Henn,” explained that Jenner’s campaign confirmed with her the night before the scheduled interview that she was on board and after she didn’t appear for the interview said, “Yeah, it’s not going to work out for us.”

“We also gave them several other options, you know, we were willing to do tomorrow and push this episode until Friday or whatever to try to accommodate, and they couldn’t fit in 20 minutes some other time for our listeners?” Henneberg said. 

The co-hosts panned Jenner for her inconsistent answers on who she voted for in 2020 and her shifting immigration stance, saying “We gave her an opportunity to correct the record” without having the media “filter” her remarks. 

“It is such a gift for a conservative candidate or an elected official or anyone, any conservative to come on this show and tell their story because you’re going to get it straight up,” Smug said. “You go on NBC, you go on CNN, they’re coming after you. They’ll do anything they can to destroy you. Here, we’re a platform. We’re a platform to let conservatives speak their mind and tell the story straight and to throw away that opportunity, I mean, that tells you what you think of the conservative listeners and the conservative base.” 

Henneberg also added that the Kardashians “might have warned us about this,” telling the Ruthless co-hosts how the famous family would say Jenner doesn’t always “tell the truth” or “come through” on things. 

A spokesperson for Ruthless told Fox News, “The progrum exists for one reason, to serve our listeners. And we’ll go to war with anybody who disrespects them, even if they’re famous.”

The Jenner campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. 

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