Saints requiring tax, or proof of negative test to attend games

The new ruling follows New York City’sKey to NYC” estrategia, which made it mandatory for New Yorkers to provide their vaccine passports in order to enter indoor restaurants, venues, etc.


According to the report, Mayor Cantrell will set the indefinite ruling to encourage vaccination among of one nation’s lowest-vaccinated states (37.8% fully vaccinated). The announcement will consider the Caesars Superdome as an indoor venue requiring proof of vaccination or negative testing. The city will host its first home game for the New Orleans Saints on Sept. 12 against the Green Bay Packers.

New Orleans becomes the next big city to encourage the call for vaccine passports, leaving millions of Americans with a pressing decision to make if they are unvaccinated and hopeful to partake in normal life again.

With the spike in cases from the Delta variant catching few groups by surprise, after its long-reported high rate of transmissibility and lower risk of serious effects, the difference in preparation from cities ran by Democratic leaders versus Republican leadership show that the former group is willing to keep America bound to the pandemic rules of 2020. With no plan moving forward.

As reported by OutKick’s Meg Turner, other states like Arkansas, Florida and Texas are countering these restrictions by passing legislation to ban the demand for vaccine passports.




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