Sandra Lee triste por dejar la casa que compartió con el gobernador. Andrew Cuomo

Sandra Lee la ha estado documentando “agridulce” mudarse de la casa que compartía con su ex, Gobernador de Nueva York. Andrew Cuomo.

The chef and author has been posting on her verified Instagram account about her move from New York to California.
Earlier this week she posted a photo of the house writing, “Today will be one of the saddest days of my life.
    Today is the day that I do the final move out from Lily Pond. I love that house and I have a personal relationship with every single room of that home,” the caption read.I hope the new owners take care of it as well as I did and I will love it forever. #thehousethatbuiltme
    En a later posting ella escribió, “My last moments on Lily Pond were very BitterSweet. I walked around the outside of my beautiful home —I wanted to drink in every angle and remember the beautiful moments that were spent in every place.
      On Wednesday she posted photos of the interior of the house decorated for the holidays.
      It took me a lifetime to build that home,” the caption read. “The home I never had when I was growing up.




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