Sara Carter: 'Big concern' with intel officials is some border 'got-aways' are terrorists

She said that officials have told her they fear at least some of the illegal immigrants who do not encounter border agents are potential or suspected terrorists — especially given the apprehension of two Yemeni men near Calexico, Calif., who were on the U.S. terror watch list.

Host Sean Hannity noted that the Biden administration has decided to fill in some gaps in President Trump’s border wall, despite claims during the campaign that the 45th president’s immigration policy was discriminatory and wrong.

“The sources that I spoke to in DHS as well as intelligence said that people in the Biden administration and particularly officials in the Department of Homeland Security wanted that press release down because they didn’t want the public to be alarmed at the very real threat that the border poses,” she said.

“And particularly [so] now under the Biden administration, we saw 170,000 people enter the border in March of those other people that they apprehended and another 100,000 in February.”

In that regard, Carter said Customs and Border Protection told her that about 1,000 people per day are considered “got-aways” — individuals who have not been apprehended or made contect with authorities.

“That means those are people they cannot identify, people they have not traced — people that disappear into our country without any identity whatsoever and there’s a big concern among intelligence officials that some of those people could be terrorists.”

In response to the men’s apprehension, White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki said that such incidents are “encounters of known and suspected terrorists are very uncommon.”

Later in the segment, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., joined Hannity, to recount requesting a classified intelligence briefing on the suspected terrorists crossing the border.

“When I was at the border almost a month ago talking to the border agents, they told me that they had caught people on the terrorist watch list. When I brought that up at the press conference, my Democratic colleagues weren’t shocked by it. Do you know what they did? They called me a liar,” he said.

“It should not come as no surprise that the Democrats are troubled by this. They are trying to distract from this disaster because they created it. These policies have created a catastrophe.”

McCarthy also called on Vice President Harris to come to the requested briefing, remarking that if she is “so-called, supposed to be in charge” of border security — after being apparently designated such by Biden.

“Because, what’s happening to us and these policies that President Biden wouldn’t have made us less secure. We are vulnerable now to terrorist attacks. When you talk about the two terrorists they have no caught on the terrorist watch list from Yemen, they didn’t catch them together. They caught the two separately,” the Bakersfield lawmaker added.

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