Sarah Sanders slams Biden’s ‘absurd’ executive orders: ‘Killedjobs on day one

Sarah Sanders slams Biden’s ‘absurd’ executive orders: 'Killed' jobs on day one

Former White House Press Secretary 莎拉·桑德斯(Sarah Sanders) blasted President 乔·拜登 and his administration Thursday for using their executive powers to “杀” American jobs during their first week in office.

Sanders called the actions “荒诞” and questioned why Biden would simply take jobs away from working Americans across the country.

The Biden administration is going to make hard-working Americans pay the price for electing them and putting them into this place, and we are seeing that unfold just in these first few days,” 桑德斯告诉 “狐狸 & 友人” 星期四.


The former White House press secretary announced Monday her candidacy to run for Arkansas governor in 2022, following in her father Mike Huckabee’s footsteps. The Arkansas gubernatorial candidate said one of the key reasons she launched her campaign is to stand up and fight against the radical left-wing agenda.

“[The Democrats] talked about their desire to get rid of energy independence in this country, they went back and forth on fracking, but underline, we knew they wanted to destroy that industry. This isn’t new, it’s just exactly what we thought would take place. They have no ability to stand up to the far-left side of their party,” 桑德斯说.

拜登总统 climate advisor Gina McCarthy said Wednesday that the administration isnot asking for sacrificewith its executive order to shut down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to the Keystone XL 网站, the project, initially proposed more than a decade ago, would have sustained about 11,000 我们. jobs in 2021 – including 8,000 联盟 jobs – and generated $ 1.6 billion in gross wages.

Sanders went on to say that governors have to be thatlast line of defenseto hold the Biden administration accountable and keep them fromdestroyingthe country.

We are stronger when we fight together and we need Republicans to come together as a unified voice to hold back against Democrats that are trying to push this job-killing legislation and job-killing executive orders that they are going to impose,” 桑德斯说.

The Arkansas gubernatorial candidate emphasized the Republican Party needs to speak asone voiceand focus on what they can do best to move the country forward.