'Saturday Night Live' mocks Ted Cruz's trip to Cancun and others who needed to apologize

ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)土曜日の夜のライブfelt like a lot of people needed to apologize this week, so on Saturday’s episode that’s what happened.

The NBC variety show opened with Britney Spears, played by Chloe Fineman, hosting a show called “おっとっと… You Did It Again,” which provided people a platform to apologize for things they did wrong.
This included senators, governors and former “スターウォーズ” 出演者.
You all know me from my upbeat Instagram videos and the word ‘conservatorship,'” Fineman’s Spears said.
    The first guest was Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, played by Aidy Bryant, who was dressed as if he just returned from a tropical vacation, along with a giant suitcase. Cruz traveled to Cancún, メキシコ, 水曜日に, 一方 Texas was in the middle of a severe winter storm.
    Hola, 全員,” Bryant’s Cruz said. “I’m not tan. I just cried myself red over my fellow Texans.
    Fineman’s Spears noted that Texas was going through a tough situation right now and that Cruzliterally abandoned it and flew to Cancun.
    And now I’m in a little bit of hot water, which I’m told is a thing that no one in Texas has,” Bryant’s Cruz said.
    Fineman’s Spears asked if Cruz would like to apologize.
    I deeply regret my actions over the last couple of days,” Bryant’s Cruz said. “Mostly, flying United.
    The next guest was New York Gov. アンドリュー・クオモ, played by Pete Davidson.
    Governor, do you know why you’re here today?” Fineman’s Spears asked.
    Is it because indoor dining is back in New York?!” Davidson’s Cuomo said, before taking a beat. “Alright, it’s because of the nursing home stuff.”
    The final guest was Gina Carano, who was played by Cecily Strong. Carano was fired from Disney+’s hit series “マンダロリアン” 後 offensive social media posts.
    I’ve done nothing wrong. No one can even explain what I did wrong. Explain it,” Strong’s Carano said.
    Spears then explained that on social media, Carano compared Nazi Germany to the current political landscape.
    “はい, congrats. You explained it,” Strong’s Carano said.
    Bryant’s Cruz then tried to relate to the situation.
    Do not associate yourself with me,” Strong’s Carano said to Byrant’s Cruz. “I am strong, and you are a pile of soup. I am first class and you are coach.
      Fineman’s Spears then had enough, so she ended the show by saying a small prayer that we all need to be forgiving of one another.
      So blessings to all,” 彼女は言いました. “And livefrom New York! It’s Saturday night!”