'Save Our Paychecks' tour to target White House economic policies, 'Bidenflation'

그만큼 “급여 저장” 투어는 8월과 9월에 미국 전역에서 일련의 이벤트를 선보일 예정입니다.. Heritage Action said the events would feature testimony from business owners and workers who say that Biden’s policies have had a negative impact on the economy.

The tour will begin on Aug. 10 with an event in Fresno, 캘리포니아, and conclude with an event on Sept. 13 애틀랜타, 그루지야. Featured speakers will include Florida Sen. 릭 스콧, who will attend events in New Hampshire and Wisconsin, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and other elected officials.

President Joe Biden and Washington Democrats are leading our nation down an unsustainable path with their failed economic policies and reckless spending. Americans deserve better,” Scott said in a statement. “The Democrats’ spending addiction has created an inflation crisis and their solution is to spend more and tax more.

And instead of focusing on getting Americans back to work and helping small businesses re-open, Democrats are insistent on paying workers more to stay home and rely on government assistance. These policies don’t work, and we are seeing it every day,” 그는 덧붙였다.

Republicans have been critical of Biden’s sweeping economic agenda, arguing his initiatives are too costly and causing inflation that will hurt American consumers. GOP lawmakers have vowed to oppose any effort by Biden to raise corporate tax rates to pay for his two-pronged, multi-trillion-dollar spending proposals.

Senate lawmakers are expected to hold a vote on whether to begin debate on one of the prongs, a bipartisan infrastructure package, 수요일에.

As Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Schumer bring President Biden’s massive tax increases before Congress for a vote it’s important that members of Congress hear how trillions of dollars in new taxes will impact local jobs and constituents’ take-home pay,” said Marc Short, executive director of the Coalition to Protect American Workers.

Biden has downplayed concerns about inflation, asserting that the passage of his proposed infrastructure packages is necessary for economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to reshape the U.S. economy for the future.

But critics, such as Heritage Action, say Biden’s policies have damaged the economy’s recovery.

Thanks to Bidenflation and the Administration’s continued attacks on our pocketbooks, Americans are losing purchasing power every month — blue state lockdowns and Congress’ disastrous spending plans have led to higher taxes and higher unemployment,” Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson said in a statement. “The Save Our Paychecks Tour will shed light on the American workers and businesses who have been left behind by the Biden Administration.

그만큼 “급여 저장” tour will also target stringent business-related restrictions imposed in Democratic-controlled states during the coronavirus pandemic. The Fresno event will feature an appearance by Erica Kious, the former owner of the San Francisco salon that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited last summer in violation of local COVID-19 regulations at the time.

After owning a very successful salon in San Francisco for over ten years, my dreams and hard work came to an abrupt end,” Kious said in a statement. “I was ultimately forced to shut down by extreme leftist politics due to the exposure of Nancy Pelosi’s hypocritical actions in my salon relative to the mask policies surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Americans need to know that the Left is dedicated to destroying small business owners like me and hurting American workers—it’s time to Save Our Paychecks.

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