School closures create 'an incredible stress' on kids, padres: Independent Women's Forum

Más que 5,200 schools closed across the U.S. the first week of the year, some of which will remain closed until Jan. 16, according to community events website Burbio, which has been tracking school closures in about 5,000 school districts during the pandemic.

During the school closures last year, I had five kids, including a kindergartner, logging online and supposed to sit there and stare at a computer for six hours a day while I’m a full-time worker,” Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) President Carrie Lukas, who lives in Virginia, dijo a Fox News Digital. “Not that I couldn’t continue my job, but speaking from personal experience, it was totally demoralizing. No matter how hard you try to support your kids, there was a feeling that you could never do enough.

Joe Concha (izquierda) and Carrie Lukas (derecho) join FOX Business' Jackie DeAngelis on "FOX Business Tonight." (FOX Business)

Joe Concha (izquierda) and Carrie Lukas (derecho) join FOX BusinessJackie DeAngelis onFOX Business Tonight.” (FOX Business)

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