Schools are completely disrespecting parental rights with their children: America First Legal adviser

IAN PRIOR: It’s really interesting. We’ve seen a lot on the gender issue. And parents have a 14th Amendment liberty right to be the primary decisionmakers for the health, welfare and education of their children. And what you’re seeing is that schools everywhere are completely disrespecting that. They’re saying you don’t get to know about your child’s gender identity unless the child gives us permission to tell you. Here you have in Maryland where it’s okay if you’re up until third grade, you can’t opt out. But after fourth grade, you can. Bien, that’s an equal protection issue right there. And what is the compelling government interest that they need to have? They won’t tell you, but their interest is we need to get to them when they’re young, before they have fully developed brains and can look at this and say, espera un minuto, esto es ridículo.


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