Schools subtly imported ‘anti-American, woke’ ideas into classes for years: Rubin


DAVE RUBIN: Bien, at some level, I’m sort of happy that universities are now flat out saying what they’re doing instead of suddenly importing it, because that’s what they’ve been doing for years and years. Sabes, it’s not as if this ‘woke’ thing that we now all talk about just magically appeared in the last year. It’s that they suddenly have been importing these horrific, in many cases, anti-American ideas, the idea of equity over equality.


They’ve been doing it in all of the classes, even in the STEM classes, so in the science classes and the math classes as well. So now that at least a university is flat out saying, Oye, this is what we are here to do, there’s something sort of refreshing about the honesty. Pero por supuesto, the ideas are absolutely terrible.


Marco Rubio is totally correct. quiero decir, you send your kids to college hopefully, so that they get a broad swath of information and learning and learn how to think more than what to think, and instead, any student that’s going to go to any of these classes is basically going to learn to undermine the system, that is the United States, which is the freest system in the history of the world, because they are going to go against all of our founding principles, against the right of the individual, against free markets, against capitalism…we got a big problem on our hands, and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. But at least people are talking about it now, where two years ago, this was fringe stuff.


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