Sean Connery Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of actor and philanthropist Sean Connery. He was perhaps best known for playing Agent 007, 제임스 본드, in seven films.


Birth date: 팔월 25, 1930
Death date: 십월 31, 2020
    출생지: Edinburgh, 스코틀랜드
    Birth name: Thomas Sean Connery
    Father: Joseph Connery, a factory hand and truck-driver
    Mother: Euphemia (McLean) 코너리, a laundress
    Marriages: 미쉐린 로크 브룬 (할 수있다 6, 1975-present), Diane Cilento (십일월 30, 1962-십월 4, 1973, divorced)
    Children: with Diane Cilento: 제이슨 (일월 11, 1963)
    Education: Dropped out of school at age 13
    Military service: Royal Navy, 1947-1950

    Other Facts

    Nominated for one Academy Award and won one.
    Nominated for one Tony Award and won one.
    Both Connery and Roger Moore played Bond in seven films.
    Six actors have played the character, a British super-spy who likes his martinisshaken, not stirred.

    타임 라인

    1953 – Connery makes his stage debut in the chorus of the British touring company of the musicalSouth Pacific.
    1955 – He makes his film debut in an uncredited role in the British movieLilacs in the Spring.
    1961 – Producer AlbertCubbyBroccoli is searching for someone to play James Bond in his upcoming film and meets Connery.
    1962-1967 – Sean Connery is the first James Bond, Agent 007. He plays the character in five consecutive films in the series: “박사. 아니 (1962),” “러시아 서, 사랑을 담아 (1963),” “Goldfinger (1964),” “썬더볼 (1965)” 과 “당신은 두 번만 산다 (1967).”
    십일월 1965 – Connery admits in an interview with Playboy that he doesn’tthink there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a womanalthough I don’t recommend doing it in the same way that you’d hit a man. An openhanded slap is justifiedif all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning.
    1967 – Directs and stars inThe Bowler and The Bunnet,” a documentary about the Scottish shipbuilding industry’s decline.
    1971 – Co-founds the Scottish International Education Trust, an organization that provides grants to Scottish students and supports projects that advance Scotland.
    1971 – Connery stars as Bond inDiamonds are Forever.
    1983 – Connery stars in his final Bond movie, “다시는 말하지 마십시오.”
    1987 – 인터뷰에서 Barbara Walters, Connery states, “I wouldn’t change my opinion,” about what he said to Playboy in 1965, and stands by his statement that there isnothing particularly wrong with hitting a woman.
    4 월 11, 1988 – Wins the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor inThe Untouchables.
    1989 – 59-year-old Connery is voted People magazine’sSexiest Man Alive.
    유월 7, 1998 – Wins a Tony Award as one of three producers of the Best Play winner, “Art.
    1999 – Connery is a Kennedy Center Honoree.
    칠월 5, 2000 – Is knighted by 엘리자베스 2 세 여왕 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh, 스코틀랜드.
    2004 – Co-founds, and serves as honorary chairman of the US charity, Friends of Scotland, to promote an interest in Scotland and sustain goodwill between the US and Scotland.
    칠월 2005 – Retires from acting.
    팔월 2008 – Connery’s book, “Being a Scot,” is published. It is part autobiography and part Scottish history.
    2013 – Is involved in efforts to preserve the environmental resources of the Clifton Bay area of the Bahamas from over development, 그만큼 Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay. He owns a home on New Providence Island which is in Clifton Bay.
      행진 2014 – In an op-ed in the New Statesman, Connery offers support for a referendum on Scotland’s independence from Britain, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss.
      James Bond through the years

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        James Bond through the years


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