Sean Duffy on 'Fox & Friends First': Retiring Dems see 'bloodbath' coming in 2022 中間

マッカーシー, 住宅の多数派の回復を目指す, いいね 2022 MIDTERMS TO ‘THE 100-YEAR STORM’

ショーン・ダフィー: なぜ今民主党に起こっているのですか? なぜ彼らは去るのですか? 上手, 一年前, Democrat party affiliation had a nine-point lead over Republicans. 今日, Republicans have a five-point lead over Democrats. That’s a 14-point swing. So Democrats today look and say, ‘This is going to be a bloodbath. A red tsunami is going to crash upon our shores, and I want to make a decision not to run.’ And there’s two groups in these numbers. The first group is Democrats who are in hard seats or moderate seats – they think are going to lose. So they’re going to make a career change right now before they actually lose that race.

But the second group are Democrats from safe seats, and they realize they’re going to be in the minority. And what’s happened is Democrats have been so abusive to the minority, to Republicans, over the last four years – have had no respect for them. I think these Democrats in safe seats understand that when they’re in the minority, it’s going to be absolutely horrible because Republicans are going to treat them the same way Democrats have been treating Republicans for the last three years.