Sean Duffy reveals how to understand Democratic policies

EKPUNOBI: [民主党人] always like to use these minority communities and low-income communities as an example for all of the policies that they’re creating and the progress that we’re making. But when we look to these communities, nothing is being done. And what I want to bring into question is what type of education are these kids getting once they go back into school? Because from what I’m seeing out of these curriculums, it’s critical race theory and gender theory, and they’re creating yet another problem. And when these young kids go to school and they grow to be depressed and anxiety-ridden, they’re going to blame us for that issue, for not accepting the curriculum that they’re trying to push on them. And then ask us to expand things like mental health care for these children. What are they going back to? Is this going to be any better than what we’ve seen? And what COVID created was an ideal situation for parents to see what kids are being taught. And I would love to see that fixed alongside these kids getting back into school and getting a proper education.

达菲: You can’t understand Democrat policies if you’re thinking that [民主党人] would love America. They want to make us great. You understand it only if you understand that they actually don’t love America. They don’t want to make it great. Why else would they destroy education? [要么] not think Americans deserve a secure border or why they would do what they have done on crime or oil and gas? On inflation, printing, borrowing, 开支, destroying the value of the dollar? All those things happen because they don’t like America. Because if you loved us like Donald Trump did, you would never do the things that they’re doing. These are things that destroy a country, don’t make it stronger and greater. And I love that Donald Trump has actually grabbed the moniker to go, “你知道吗, I am the king of MAGA. I want to make America great.