Sean Hannity celebrates Fox News' 25th anniversary with 'Fox & 朋友的: 'It's changed my life'

“我只是很谦虚. 我很感激, 我很感激,” 汉尼提说. “它改变了我的生活, 这很有趣。”

在福克斯新闻开始之前, 汉尼提花了 10 多年从事建筑业和其他工作 10 years working in restaurants.


Hannity began working at Fox News in 1996, co-hosting “汉尼提 & Colmes” 对于 12 years before taking over his namesake primetime show.

He remembered the early days of Fox News and being unsure if the company would survive long-term.

It was a bold innovation,” 他说. “Everybody laughed. Nobody thought it would be successful. Not only did we very quickly become number one, but we’ve been able to maintain that number one position for a long period of time.

Hannity credits the success of Fox News to staying true to the original motto: “Fair and balanced.

I know the media doesn’t portray us that way,” 汉尼提说. “But if you look throughout the day, you see all these different voices on this channel. All these different points of view on this channel.

He reflected on how media has evolved with the internet during his 30-year career in radio and TV.

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We live in amazing times,” 汉尼提说.

We didn’t have access to information the way we do now. … We have more information available at our fingertips than at any other point in history. And this information age – it’s news at the speed of light.

Hannity reiterated that his career at Fox News over the past 25 years has changed his life.

I’m proud, I’m thankful, 我很感激. I’m humbled that I’ve been a spoke in the wheel of what I think has changed media forever.