Sean Hannity highlights Biden's past statement about Russia that 'did not age well'

彼の中で モノローグを開く, インクルード “ハニティ” host pointed out howbadly that [メッセージ] 高齢者” – as Biden now potentially will become party to another catastrophe on the other side of the world following his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Hannity reported that Putin has already sent military personnel into the eastern part of Ukraine under the guise of apeacekeepingmission to back up so-called Russian-friendlyseparatists” そこの.


“実際には, nothing could be further from the truth: according to analysts and officials, we could be witnessing what is the beginning of a prolonged and bloody war,” ハニティは言った.

Hannity said experts also warn Putin’s potential plans may become the largest invasion to take place in Europe since 1939 when former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler invaded the Sudetenland, a portion of western then-Czechoslovakia largely populated by ethnic Germans. ヵ月後, Hitler’s Nazis invaded France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland.

Now remember just two years ago to the day then-candidate Joe Biden, he made a bold declaration: This did not age well on Twitter – ‘Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why, it’s because I’m the only person in the field who’s ever gone toe to toe with him.

US President Joe Biden delivers a national update on the situation at the Russia-Ukraine border.

US President Joe Biden delivers a national update on the situation at the Russia-Ukraine border. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

It turns out Joe was everything Putin, 実際には, did want, もっと,” ハニティが追加されました. “Putin watched as Biden abandoned how many Americans, how many green card holders, how many of our Afghan allies in the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan and the most shameful and chaotic way possible Americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines.

Hannity said Biden has also doubled down on essentially aiding Putin’s cause by shutting down American energy production and exploration, as a Russian invasion of Ukraine is projected to send gas prices, and thereby overall inflation, soaring – compounded by the now-lack of American energy production due to Biden’s own intentional actions.


“[7月に 2020], Putin declared his lust for Ukraine … all the while Russian troops and equipment, they were amassing at Ukraine’s border for the better part of a year. And yet Biden failed to turn the screws. He failed to turn Vladimir in any way,” the host went on. “He failed to re-impose sanctions until today, and they’re pathetic at that, with two measly economic limits on just the separate so-called separatist regions now in eastern Ukraine. Far too little. Far too late.

And as Russia’s Ambassador Sweden put it, Moscow doesn’t give an ‘Adamschiffabout sanctions,” 彼は言った.

プーチン, in the wake of Biden's comments, says Russia knows "how to defend our own interests."

プーチン, in the wake of Biden’s comments, says Russia knowshow to defend our own interests.(ロイター)

Excuse my language, but we don’t give a st about all their sanctions,” ambassador Viktor Tatarintsev told Stockholm’sAftonbladet” 新聞.


Now there’s virtually nothing Biden can do to prevent conflict,” Hannity warned. “そしてもちろん, the United States will not get into a shooting war with Ukraine, nor should we. But Americans will pay a steep financial cost.

The price of a barrel of oil is now very high at $ 94 per barrel. But a war between two massive oil-producing countries in Europe, that price could shoot right through the roof with some people, economic experts expecting it could go to higher than $ 150 バレル, you’ll pay for that. Too bad President Biden spent the first year of his presidency basically taking a wrecking ball to the US oil and gas production in this country.