Sean Hannity: Mainstream media's narrative is more important to the left than telling Americans the truth

SEAN HANNITY: The media mob, Democratic Party, Big Tech, they have zero fidelity to something called the truth. From the Russia hoax to Justice Cavanaugh, the dirty dossier, last summer’s violent riots, that they wouldn’t call riots. You know, their narrative is always more important to the left than actually telling the American people truth. 

Case and point, you can turn on fake news CNN or MSDNC, you’re likely not going to hear anything negative about Joe Biden’s horrendous presidency, the fact that he’s weak, frail, and struggling cognitively. They don’t show you those tapes. We now have inflation is through the roof, every American is paying more for everything. Our dollar is losing value every day. New home construction just saw a massive, huge, frankly frightening drop because the price of lumber and everything else needed to build a home, it’s now at a record high.

Manufacturing costs, they’re also rising at a record pace. All Americans are paying more. We see what’s happening with gas prices, also surging. It costs more to fill up your tank, heat and cool your home. You still see ongoing shortages of gasoline on the east coast. And now 19 states, they’re pleading with Joe Biden to please reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline which would significantly increase the supply of oil and gas into the U.S….Doesn’t seem like common sense exists anywhere at this point. 


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