Sean Hannity picks apart Biden’s performance at CNN town hall; calls it a 'unmitigated disaster'

“Many of Joe’s answers were completely incomprehensible,” he said. “At times no one seemed to know what the hell Joe was even talking about. Not even Don Lemon, not the audience, not even Joe himself.”

Hannity spotlighted moments where Biden stammered over his thoughts while answering questions about vaccinating children and mistrust in the Black community, calling it a “total cognitive mess.” 


But the host admitted that the joke surrounding Biden’s cognizance really isn’t funny when national security is at risk. And when the president was able to form a coherent thought, he was “almost always lying” including his assertion that crime in the U.S. is down.

“[He] doesn’t really seem to have a firm grasp on any issues of any substance,” he said. “And sometimes it seems like he’s living in this alternate reality of his.”

Biden also suggested that the crisis at the border is nearly mended as immigrants in custody have been cut by 90%. Hannity cleared up that migrants released from the hands of border patrol are dwindling because they’re being let loose into the country.

Hannity said the president also “lied” about obvious inflation, passing it off as a natural economic incline, and tried to convince the audience that continued unemployment benefits are not keeping workers at home instead of filling job openings.

“It’s way past time that the administration answers serious questions about the president’s clear, cognitive decline,” he said. “It is no longer in dispute. But don’t expect tough questions from the media mob.”

“Needless to say, this probably will be the last town hall we’ll see in a very long time.”

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