Sean Hannity는 Rush Limbaugh의 통과를 반영합니다.: '아무도이 남자를 대신 할 수 없다’

Fox News hosts 션 해니 티 and Mark Levin, two giants of conservative talk radio, discussed the legacy of Rush Limbaugh on Sunday’s edition of생명, 자유 & 번갯불“.

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that any major political issue that will come up, we’re not going to hear his voice,” Hannity said of Limbaugh, who passed away Wednesday at the age of 70 due to complications from lung cancer.

I’m having a hard time understanding what that means,” 그만큼 “Hannity” host added. “Nobody can replace this man, Mark.

Hannity added thatwe all better up our game, because we just lost a guy that led the movement for 30 years-plus, and we’ve all got to do better because he would want us to do that.


Levin said that he wanted viewers to know that Limbaughwas a regular guy, but he also went out of his way for people in so many ways.

If you read The New York Times, The Washington Post and listen to all the hate-media, they never engaged Rush,” Levin continued. “They never debated Rush. They never understood Rush. They didn’t want to understand Rush. They tried to destroy him. They’re trying to do it today. Those people do not matter to us. Those people are in their own sick little bubble and sick little world. They do that to all of our greats, whether it’s Reagan or Rush or Trump or whomever it is.

Later in the show, Hannity reflected on Limbaugh’sdire diagnosisof Stage IV lung cancer, which the broadcaster made public in February of 2020.

We knew this day would come, 운수 나쁘게,” 그는 말했다. “We wished it wouldn’t. We prayed for a miracle. But Rush’s bucket listand the audience, I hope they understand thisit wasn’t travel the world. It wasn’t Rocky Mountain climbing or skydiving or riding a bull …”

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His bucket list was his audience,” Hannity went on. “He’d go through these treatments that nearly killed him, because I know people that have been through chemotherapy like this and cancer treatment like thisespecially advanced stage cancerthey nearly kill you to save you or nearly kill you to buy you time, and that’s been the last year of his life. And when he was well enough, even when he really wasn’t well enough, his time, the way he wanted to spend it was with his audience. That was his choice. The people that listened to him, that was the top and only item on his bucket list.

“내말은, that to me speaks volumes about him, how much he loved what he did,” 그는 결론을 내렸다. “He was born to do this. Nobody did it better. Nobody will do it better.

Limbaugh’s widow Kathryn announced her husband’s death during his eponymous radio program Wednesday. 금요일에, substitute host Mark Steyn announced that Kathryn Limbaugh will be on the air Monday taking calls from listeners who want to pay tribute to her late husband.

As this weekend goes,” Steyn said, “mourn Rush, but rejoice in a great American life well lived.

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