Sean Hannity rips Democrats for ongoing obsession with Donald Trump: He lives in their ‘sick brains’

Nearly one month into Joe Biden's presidenza, Democrats are still fixated on former Presidente Donald Trump, “Hannityhost Sean Hannity pointed out Thursday.

The hysteria on the left is apparently never-ending,” Egli ha detto. “Democrats are still obsessed with hating all things Donald TrumpPresident Trump seems to live in their sick brains 24/7, as they cannot give up their drug of choice, which is hatred and rage.

Democrat lawmakers continue their efforts to cancel the former president, with Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., introducing a conto last month that would prevent twice-impeached former presidents from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The so-calledNo Glory for Hate Actwould also bar the federal government from naming any monuments or buildings after Trump. rappresentante. Nikema Williams, D-Ga., even introduced legislation which would ban Trump from ever entering the U.S. Capitol again.


Hannity asked, whether such proposals are really the best use of lawmakerstime and energy in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

Millions of Americans are unable to get the COVID vaccine, incompetent governors [siamo] botching the rollout, millions and millions of Americans [siamo] out of work, high-paying career jobs [siamo] literally ripped away and destroying the energy sector in this country, and this is what your Democratic leaders and lawmakers are focused on,” Egli ha detto.

Nel frattempo, the mainstream media isnowhere to be foundwhen it comes to criticizing the new administration, Ha detto Hannity, because they’re also too occupied withobsessively ragingover Trump.

The radical socialist Democrats are now running our federal government. Allaccia le cinture,” Egli ha detto. “I hope you get involved. I hope you get engaged, because it’s going to be rocky. The impact will be felt for generations.

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