Sean Hannity says Biden 'not well': 'This man should not be our president'

“Quest'uomo non dovrebbe essere il nostro presidente. Non è mentalmente, cognitivamente abbastanza forte; non adatto a servire.”

Hannity responded to Biden’s statement that he “commutato [su Amtrak] ogni singolo giorno per 36 years as vice president of the United States.


The host slammed Biden’sradical base” e la sua “New Green Deal socialism.He panned the president for the U.S.labor shortage, saying that Domino’s doesn’t have enough delivery drivers. With empty grocery store shelves and shipping backlogs, some cargo ships have been anchored near California’s coast for longer than their journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Your Christmas presents probably are not going to arrive in time for Christmas,” Ha detto Hannity. “Inflation is at a 30-year high. Even CNBC is forecasting this looming recession. Trillions of dollars in this new Build Back Better…spending that will only exacerbate all of these very serious problems.

The host said Biden’s vaccine mandatewill tank our economy” e “diffamare” unvaccinated Americans without stopping the spread of COVID-19.

But Democrats…don’t seem to care about it,” Egli ha detto. Nor do they care about monoclonal antibodies or other treatments, Ha detto Hannity, adding that they don’t care about the economy either.