Sean Penn won't return to 'Gaslit' set unless all cast and crew receive Covid vaccinations

Sean Penn은 그의 새로운 쇼 세트로 돌아 가지 않을 것입니다. “가스릿” 모든 출연진과 스태프가 코로나 예방접종을 받을 때까지, the star’s representative confirmed to CNN on Friday.

Penn plays the role of Attorney General John Mitchell in the political drama, which is a modern-day take on the Watergate scandal. Julia Roberts portrays John’s wife Martha in the show, which is due to air on Starz later this year.
Deadline reported on Thursday that Penn issued the ultimatum because the 60-year-old star was not satisfied with the vaccination requirements imposed by NBCUniversal, the studio behind his latest production.
    이번 주, the TV and film company announced it had implemented mandatory vaccinations inZone A”, which means the cast of the show and those who come in close proximity must be vaccinated.
      With a surge in Covid-19 cases in Californiawhere filming is currently underwayPenn wants the policy extended to those on the project outside of Zone A also, 보고된 기한.
        He is now challenging safety protocols by telling producers that he won’t return to work until every member of the production team has been vaccinated.
        Penn has offered to facilitate the vaccination effort free of charge through his organization CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), according to Deadline, the nonprofit has helped open multiple Covid-19 testing and vaccination sites in California and elsewhere during pandemic.
            According to the publication, the actor’s absence from the set may result in a delay in shooting as he has yet to wrap his scenes.
            CNN has contacted NBCUniversal for further comment.

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