Second giant 'murder hornet' escapes after it was captured by scientists in Washington

另一个 “谋杀” hornet that could have led scientists to its nest has evaded experts once more, 跟随信号丢失.

上个星期, 华盛顿州农业部的科学家 (WSDA)captured a live Asian giant hornet — 被称为 “谋杀” hornets for their ability to decimate honeybee populationsand used dental floss to attach a tracking device to its body, 哪一个 “worked quite well,” said Sven Spichiger, WSDA’s managing entomologist, 在一个 news conference on Monday.
When scientists released the hornet into the wild onto an apple tree, they were initially successful in tracking the insect, but after some time they were unable to locate a signal when it flew into a heavily vegetated area and then quickly darted awaythus evading the scientists.
The captured Asian giant hornet on the apple tree.

Not all hope is lost, 虽然, said Spichiger.
    We did get an initial direction of the flight,” 他说. “We were able to meet with several of the property owners and get a few more eyewitness accounts of seeing hornets earlier the week before or earlier in the summer, and so we are starting to narrow down exactly where the hornetsnest is.
    这个 isn’t the first time the state has tracked a live giant hornet. The team did so earlier this year, but the tracker fell off the hornet due to gluing issues.
    至今, Spichiger said there are at least two Asian giant hornet nests in Whatcom County in Washington, with a possibility of a third.
    Once a nest is located, the plan is to vacuum out the hornets and use carbon dioxide gas to knock out any remaining hornets in the nest, 他说.
    Asian giant hornets are the world’s largest hornet, as they can become up to 2 英寸长, 根据 to the WSDA. What makes them so dangerous is that they can destroy a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, killing the bees by decapitating them.
      If the hornet becomes established in the state, it will negatively impact the environment, economy and public health, the WSDA said.
      Since the preliminary reports in 2019, 曾经有 18 confirmed Asian giant hornets found in Washington, but there have been even more additional sightings.


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