Míralo: Rhino destroza coche en safari park

That’s apparently what happened to a father and son whose car was rammed and damaged by an adult rhino at a drive-through safari park in the U.K.

Jamie Wood le dijo a SWNS que él y su hijo de cinco años, Jackson, were watching two Rhinos butting each other at the Midlands Safari Park when a baby got separated from them and on the other side of the compact car when the mother made a 200-foot charge and ran her horn into the front fender.

The rhinos roam freely about the park.

The rhinos roam freely about the park. (SWNS)

It happened so quickly and I didn’t know what to do, I was just in shock,” wood said.

I kept telling Jackson it would avoid us and then I heard myself swear when I realized it was going to hit us. If i’d have been a bit further forward that massive horn would have gone right through me.

Wardens patrol the facility in Land Rover SUVs.

Wardens patrol the facility in Land Rover SUVs. (SWNS)

According to a park spokesperson, a warden trying to get the adult rhinos to break it up by spinning its tires had scared the baby away, but would not cover the $ 2,000 repair bill.

The facility’s terms of entry says that itaccepts no responsibility for damage to persons or property by animals. Under no circumstance will West Midland Safari & Leisure Park accept responsibility for damage caused to any vehicle entering or exiting the electric gates.

The Skoda Fabia weighs around 2,400 libras.

The Skoda Fabia weighs around 2,400 libras. (Skoda)

Neither of the Woods were injured in the injured in the incident, but Jamie had some explaining to do, because he’d borrowed the car from his own mother.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened at the facility. En 2015 a woman from Northfield suffered a similar incident that included the rhino hitting her vehicle then chasing it as she attempted to get away.

Jackson’s Skoda Fabia subcompact hatchback weighs less than a fully-grown rhino and things could’ve been much worse.

Video shot a park in Germany several years ago shows a rhino using its horn to roll a vehicle that’s about the same size as a Fabia.




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