Selena Gomez shines in the return of 'Only Murders in the Building'

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I’m trying to be optimistic, but boy, is the world making it hard.

Life on Earth looks a little out of control these days.
It’s summer, 然而, and I, 对于一个, plan on leaning into the season.
    That means lots of things, including enjoying as much streaming content as the beckoning sunshine will allow me — like when it’s way too hot and muggy to be outside.


        ‘Only Murders in the Building’ 季节 2
        (从左边开始) 瑟琳娜•戈梅斯, Martin Short and Steve Martin are shown in a scene from "Only Murders in the Building.&报价;

        I never would have bet that Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez would make a not-to-miss TV series, and yet they have done it.
          Only Murders in the Buildingis back for its sophomore season, 和 Gomez is really shining this time around.
          You already knew I was chips in for the show about a trio of true crime devotees. 这阵子, the three neighbors find themselves implicated in a murder. Come for the mystery, and stay for the laughs.
          Definitely start with the first season and all its New York City real estate porn.
          The initial episodes of season two ofOnly Murders in the Buildingare streaming on Hulu.
          ‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’
          在这个法庭草图中, 吉斯莱恩麦克斯韦 (对), associate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, sits with lawyer Christian Everdell (剩下) during her sentencing hearing in New York City on June 28.

          A new Starz documentary traces the journey of fallen British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman convicted of grooming several of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse victims.
          Maxwell continues to fight for her freedom and maintain her innocence.
          The three-part documentary is airing on Starz.
          ‘陌生的事物’ 季节 4, Volume 2
          Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield is shown in a scene from "Stranger Things.&报价;

          There’s not much more to be said about the latest season of “继续阅读…… 将“战争罪犯”置于,” except that the remaining episodes are now streaming on Netflix.
          It’s dark, it’s intense and even if it’s not your genre, it’s tough to deny the strength of the series.
          Season four’s final two episodes were released Friday.


          Tom Cruise plays Capt. 皮特 "特立独行" 米切尔 "壮志凌云: 基尔报价应了过去关于克鲁斯的传言"

          The film is already super successful, so why not extend the love to the soundtrack?
          “壮志凌云: 特立独行” is the perfect sequel, 在我看来. The soundtrack album is a solid mix of songs from the original film, 喜欢 “Danger Zonefrom Kenny Loggins, and new compositions like Lady Gaga’sHold My Hand.
          Fun fact: Loggins said he did an updated version of his hit that never made it into the “壮志凌云” 续集.
          “一世 [object Window] re-record ‘Danger Zoneto make a 5.0 version that would wrap around the audience,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “But Tom Cruise really wanted to conjure up the original version, the original feeling. So in the long run, it turned out to be the old track coming back.
          The soundtrack is out now.
          Starring in the title role, Austin Butler sings some of the songs himself in "Elvis.&报价;

          Let’s stick with music from movies, shall we?
          Like I said last week, 我喜欢, loved, loved Baz Luhrmann’s “猫王,” and the same goes for the soundtrack.
          Not only are there hits from Elvis Presley, but there are also songs by contemporary artists, including Doja Cat, Jazmine Sullivan and Stevie Nicks with Chris Isaak. The film’s star Austin Butler sang some of the original Presley tunes — and nailed them.
          The album is currently out.


          Mishael Morgan accepts the award for outstanding performance by a lead actress in a drama series during the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards, at Pasadena Convention Center in California, 在六月 24.

          I feel a way about the fact that in 2022 we are still celebrating firsts.
          Yet celebrate we will, because it merits it.
          The Young and the Restlessstar Mishael Morgan became the first Black actress to win outstanding lead performance in a daytime drama at the recent Daytime Emmys.
          摩根, who plays Amanda Sinclair on the soap, noted in her acceptance speech that shewas born on a tiny islandin the Caribbean.
          We are breaking glass ceilings left, right and center, and I am so honored to be a vessel and to experience this moment,” 她说. “And it’s because of everybody who is out there today who is proving to the world that we can, and we will, do this thing called equality and unity together.
          Let’s absolutely do it … 一起.


          Olivia Rodrigo performs during Glastonbury Festival, at Worthy Farm in the village of Pilton in England, 在六月 25.

          Stars are using their voices to express their feelings about the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. 韦德.
          Many artists — including 奥利维亚·罗德里戈, 梅根·塞种马, 菲比·布里杰斯 肯德里克·拉马尔 — are speaking out in support of abortion rights.
            Cue those who sayshut up and sing/act/play,” as is often the case when celebrities exercise their rights as citizens to offer their opinions.
            但, 在这种情况下, Hollywood is representing the vast majority of Americans, who oppose Roe v. Wade being upended.

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