Suo. cotone: Biden, Garland responsible for any violence committed against Supreme Court justices

SUO. TOM COTONE: Abortion is a challenging question for many Americans, and there are many conflicting opinions on it. Reasonable people can disagree. But no reasonable person can believe it’s appropriate to protest at the home of a sitting judge while there is a case pending on the matter of the protest. The silence from the White House and the Department of Justice is only the half of it. They shouldn’t just condemn these protests and tell the protestors to go to the Supreme Court building or other public location, they should enforce federal law because there is a federal law that explicitly prohibits protesting at the homes of judges or jurors or prosecutors. Joe Biden should come out today and say that federal law enforcement will put an end to these protests tonight. If any person gets close to a justice’s home they should be arrested and charged with a federal crime. If Joe Biden and Merrick Garland won’t do that and there is violence against one of the justices, they will be responsible for the crimes that they allowed to happen by refusing to enforce federal law because they didn’t want to apply the rule of law evenly against their political adversaries.


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