Suo. Dick Durbin: Voto per Joe Biden perché l'America ha bisogno di lui come presidente

Suo. Dick Durbin: Voto per Joe Biden perché l'America ha bisogno di lui come presidente

There’s no doubt you’ve heard this before, ma 2020 really is the most impactful elezione of our lifetimes. Our country is in the middle of several crises: la pandemia di coronavirus, economic recession and civil unrest.

Time and again, Presidente Trump has proven that he does not have the temperament, preparazione, or judgment to lead our country. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the right person at the right time. I am proud to cast my vote for him as our next president.

America needs a president who will restore trust and accountability to our government. Biden will be that president.


From the very beginning of this global health crisis, Trump dismissed the severity of the coronavirus, called it a hoax, shifted blame, and contradicted the advice of our nation’s medical experts.

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Biden will listen to science and the experts. Con 4% of the world’s population, the United States has about 20% of its reported COVID-19 deaths. Had President Trump taken this seriously from the beginning — as Joe Biden and many others encouraged him to do — we would have been able to save lives and save jobs.

Our country needs a president who understands that most Americans worry more about the supermarket than the stock market. Families struggling paycheck to paycheck need a leader who remembers them every day.

Even before the pandemic, the Trump administration supported policies that put corporations ahead of working families. Biden knows we need to reverse many of Trump’s tax cuts for large corporations and the ultrawealthy, which have cost Americans $ 2 trilioni.

America needs a president who will expand the protections of the Affordable Care Act so every family, every person has access to affordable, quality health care. Joe Biden will be that president.


I worry about returning to the dark days when insurance companies charged more, denied coverage, imposed lifetime limits, excluded basic benefits from plans, and prohibited young adults under the age of 26 from staying on their parent’s coverage.

If the Affordable Care Act is overturned — which President Trump is still trying to do in the middle of a pandemic — the more than 8 million Americans who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 could be discriminated against by insurance companies because of their preexisting condition. This is what is at stake.

We need a president who can start to heal the wounds of this divided nation — someone whom we can tell our children is a good, caring, honorable person who will lead our nation in the tradition of our best leaders in both political parties.

Joe Biden will be that man and will be that president. He’s taken his own experiences with loss and hardship and used those lessons to give people in America reasons to hope and ways to heal.

Biden has the personal experience, the plans, and the character to be a president for all Americans. We need new leadership, and that leader is Joe Biden.

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