Su. Hagerty aboga por un "plan coherente" en medio de la fallida evacuación de Afganistán

Hagerty: Debemos hacer lo que sea necesario para salvar y preservar vidas estadounidenses.. Lo que deberíamos tener es un plan coherente. That’s what I haven’t seen. Como sabes, antes de asumir el cargo de senador, Serví como estados unidos. ambassador to Japan, third-largest economy in the world. At any point in time, we had over a quarter of a million Americans in Japan. Every chief of mission under their authority’s responsible for those lives and have a plan to evacuate people. I redid mine as soon as I got to Japan because you remember North Korea was launching rockets over us at that point. But I had a plan in place, a workable plan to move and flow Americans out of the country under any type of contingency. We’re not seeing that type of planning in place here. That’s responsible leadership that’s lacking here right now.

Let me be clear. The Taliban are terrorists. There is an agreement in place put in place last year where the Taliban were going to accede to a cease fire. They’re going to abide by the Afghan constitution. There would be a negotiated process where the Taliban would actually work with the Afghan government, not attack them. What we’ve seen take place here is a military coup d’etat. We can’t begin to recognize a government like this.


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