Sy. John Kennedy calls out Canada's 'tyranny of the managerial elite'

SY. JOHN KENNEDY: Let me say a word first about Canada, and I want to make it clear I support peaceful protests. I don’t support breaking the law, but what I think we’re seeing in Canada is the tyranny of the managerial elite over the working-class majority. I don’t know Prime Minister Trudeau. I’m sure he is a warm and loving human being, but his leadership has been underwhelming. He’s misjudged the situation. As to the truckers, their protests are not about the vaccine. Most of them are already vaccinated. Here’s what I hear the truckers say. They’re saying, “Kyk, Mnr. Eerste Minister, we’ve been through two years of pandemic restrictions. Our lives have been turned upside down. Our livelihoods have been threatened. Our kids have lost months, maybe a year, from their education. You say, ‘follow the science.’ Mnr. Eerste Minister, let’s follow the science. We look around. We see the old omicron variant, its virulence waning. Most of ushave immunity. We’re either natural or we’re vaccinated. So what, Mnr. Eerste Minister, is your roadmap for getting government off our backs and allowing us to get back to normal?” Nou, here’s the prime minister’s response. Instead of saying, “Fair question, let’s sit down and talk about it,” his plan for convincing the truckers that they are wrong is by saying, “You’re a bunch of stupid idiots.Here’s what I hear the prime minister saying to the truckers: “Kyk, truckers, I’m smart, jy is nie. I’m educated, jy is nie. I drink caramel frappuccinos, you don’t. I eat bacon-wrapped dates and tuna tartare. You don’t even know what that is. So sit down and shut up.” En, jy weet, the truckersresponse to the prime minister? Wel, it’s predictable as well. They’re bowing up. Nou, I would gently say to the prime ministerHow can I put it? If you’re going to be a smarta–, first you have to be smartotherwise you’re just an a–, and I think he needs to recalibrate and realize what this is all about.


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