Suo. John Kennedy: Fauci should be ‘screaming at the top of his voiceto open the schools

Presidente Biden and White House chief medical adviser Dott. Anthony Fauci apparire “confusedabout what guidance to give on reopening America, Suo. John Kennedy, R-La. detto “Rapporti dell'America” martedì.

Kennedy added that remote learning isdestroying our kidsand questioned why health officials, including Fauci, are not being more strident in demanding schools reopen.

SUO. JOHN KENNEDY, R-La.: “If you are confused, you understand it perfectly, because the advice has been all over the map. Here’s what I do know that we shouldn’t be confused about, though apparently, the Biden administration is. We need to open our schools. Everybody has said it’s OK

I don’t want to speak specifically to Dr. Fauci, let me talk about the experts in generaland look, we need them, we should listen to them, but most of them are very risk-averse.


You can say, 'Bene, that is a good thingor bad thing. Let me put it another way: They are scared they are going to be wrong, and that’s just a fact of human nature, but this is the time for our epidemiologists and our experts to look the American people in the eye, not hedge it one way or another, forget about being wrong and give us their best advice and if circumstances change, come back on Fox News or other stations and say, ‘Here is my updated advice, because things have changed.

But the American people need to know. We need to know whether we can open our schools, we think everybody says we can, so why hasn’t President Biden done it? …

There are gradations here, and I see no reason, based on all of the science, that we can’t start doing some things that they told us we couldn’t do before, like open schools. intendo, everybody agrees it’s OK.

Why isn’t President Biden encouraging the schools to open? And why isn’t Dr. Fauci screaming at the top of his voice, exhausting his lungs saying ‘Open the schools, for God’s sakes, you are hurting our children!'?”




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