Suo. Johnson: Il pregiudizio dei media mainstream è un problema enorme che dobbiamo affrontare in questa nazione’

Suo. Johnson: Mainstream media bias 'an enormous problem we face in this nation'

Media bias poses a greater threat to American democracythan anything else,” Suo. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said Friday while discussing the lack of copertura of the rioting in Seattle and Portland Wednesday.

I know you reported that on Fox. Where is the outrage on the rest of the mainstream media about that?” Johnson toldThe Faulkner Focus.”

Antifa militants upset over President Joe Biden‘s inauguration have taken to the streets in cities such as Portland and Seattle to cause destruction and chaos, but the unrest has been barely covered by ABC, NBC and CBS.

The three broadcast networks have dedicated less than a minute of combined air time to the story.


During President Biden’s inauguration Wednesday, the networks repeatedly reminded Americans of the horrible violence from Trump supporters two weeks ago, storming the Capitol over the election results. Ma, durante la notte, violent leftists took to the streets, rioting in at least two different cities in ‘protest’ over Biden’s election, and the networks couldn’t care less,” Media Research Center news analyst Kristine Marsh wrote.

Johnson argued that media bias has had a more negative impact on American democracythan Russia or any other foreign entity could have ever hoped to achieve.

The mainstream media will never admit their role in widening this divide and exacerbating the problem. That’s an enormous problem we face in this nation. It is an unequal and biased media and social media that has chosen sides,” Egli ha detto. “That represents a real danger to our democratic republic as well.

Fox News’ Brian Flood ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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