Suo. Kennedy: Biden's 'raging tire fire' along Rio Grande suggests he believes in 'open borders'

Kennedy ha detto “Fox News Primetime” that the illegal immigration and trafficking crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is proof that Biden eithermisledthe American voters or that he has placed incompetents in key positions within the homeland security apparatus.

“[W]ith good reason, President Biden’s border policy, credo, is about as popular as a sinkhole. And that’s because the American people aren’t stupid,” Kennedy ha detto. “Numero uno, either President Biden mislead the American people when he ran and he truly does believe in open borders—or, number two, the people that he has put in charge of border security are not qualified to run on a hot dog stand.


It’s a raging tire fire and it’s not going to get any better as long as President Biden keeps doing what he has been doing,” the senator continued.

Ospite Jesse Watters said Biden is trying tobreak the borderon purpose, in order to turn Texas blue and to overwhelm the American system in order to achieve more political power.

I honestly don’t think [la casa Bianca] si preoccupa, senator—and that is a very depressing thing to say about the president… I don’t even think you can say that about [Obama],” Ha detto Watters.

Kennedy responded by saying he believes Biden supports open borders.

It’s hard for me to believe that the people he has put in charge are incompetent as the other scenario would indicate,” Egli ha detto. “I don’t think the American people support open borders. I think they support legal immigration but border security.

Kennedy said most Americans secure their homes not to demonize or hurt the people outside or down the block but to protect themselves.

They don’t do that because they hate everybody on the outside. They lock their front door at night because they love the people on the inside. They don’t want to keep everybody at all times out of their home,” Egli ha detto. “They just want to know who is coming into their home.

In the same way, proponents of secure and effective border control is not a “razzistA” tenet, as suggested by Democrats, Egli ha detto.

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