Suo. Kennedy denuncia le lamentele di Cuomo sull '"ego" di Trump, lo paragona a "essere chiamato brutto da una rana’

Suo. Kennedy blasts Cuomo complaints about Trump 'ego', compares it to 'being called ugly by a frog'

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the last person with any standing to complain about Presidente Trump'S “ego,” Suo. John Kennedy, R-La., detto “Rapporti di Bill Hemmer” mercoledì.

Kennedy was responding to comments earlier this week in which Cuomo accused Trump of wanting to take undue credit for the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

It’s ego,” Cuomo told New York radio station HOT 97. “On the way out the door, he wants to be able to say ‘I solved COVID because I discovered a vaccine.It’s all B.S. He didn’t do anything. It’s the drug companies.

And nobody is gonna trust him saying it’s a safe vaccine,” the governor continued.

I don’t have anything against Governor Cuomo,” Kennedy told host Bill Hemmer. “I think he’s a really smart guy, but him criticizing somebody about their ego is like being called ugly by a frog.

I don’t understand why Governor Cuomo can’t just call it like everybody sees it, and I think, like he sees it, and congratulate the president on Operation Warp Speed?” Kennedy added. “intendo, developing a vaccine in less than a year?”


Cuomo has been criticized for his response to the pandemic, with critics pointing to an executive order urging coronavirus positive patient to be moved from hospitals to nursing homes. That policy, which was instituted in March and rescinded in May, has been blamed for scores of deaths.

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