Suo. Kennedy: Chinese Communist Party 'lies like they breathe'

SUO. JOHN KENNEDY: Sometimes falling feels like flying for a little while. China may believeand even boast that they’re a net winner as a result of the coronavirus, but I think it’s a loser. They’re certainly a loser in the worldwide court of public opinion. The Chinese people are good people but the Communist Party lies. They lie like they breathe. They lied about the virus. We’re now gathering evidence that the virus not only originated in China but it might have originated from the Wuhan lab.

Number two, I know China says it’s doing well economically. But once again, the Communist Party leadership lies like it breathes. We’ve never been able to trust their numbers.

President Biden needs to enlist the support of other democracies throughout the world, Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, the E.U., Corea del Sud, India, go to China and demand, not ask, but demand full disclosure.


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