Suo. Kennedy: Il trattamento disparato dei media nei confronti di Biden, Trump 'minerà la democrazia’

Suo. Kennedy: Media's disparate treatment of Biden, Trump will 'undermine democracy'

Senate Judiciary Committee member John N. Kennedy, R-La., said Tuesday that the media suddenly struck a different tone this week when they questioned President-elect Joe Biden almost exclusively about his viewpoint of President Trump.

That lighthearted, friendly tone was in sharp contrast to the often-combative questioning of Trump during the last four years, Kennedy said on “Tucker Carlson stasera.”

You would have to be a special kind of stupid not to see the disparate treatment between Mr. Biden and Mr. briscola,” Kennedy ha detto. “I think since he was selected by the managerial elite in the Democratic Party I think the toughest question that Mr. Biden has been asked is does he support children and prosperity and probably the second toughest question is does he like ponies?”

Kennedy called such a strong and partisan dichotomyvery dangerous for our democracy.

“Sai, here’s a news flash: Politicians lienot alwaysbut sometimes they hide the truth,” Egli ha detto.

So the media should act as a bulwark against the agendas and actions of politicians rather than the demeanor expressed at the Wilmington, Del., forum this week.

Host Tucker Carlson played a montage of journalists asking Biden questions during the event, including NBC NewsGeoff Bennett, who questioned whatthe biggest threat to your transition [è] right now, given President Trump’s unprecedented attempt to obstruct and delay a smooth transfer of power.


Another journalist asked Biden point-blank if he wants Trump to concede the race yet.

I have never seen anything like this,” continued Kennedy.

He remarked that decades ago when he began his career in Louisiana state government, the press corps wereequal opportunity ‘A-holes,'” — but their treatment of Biden and his surrogates means that has changed, Egli ha detto.

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