Suo. Kennedy dice a Dr. Fauci to 'buy an emotional support pony' if his feelings are hurt over COVID criticism

JOHN KENNEDY: Ogni volta che mi chiedono del Dr. Fauci dico la stessa cosa. Conosco Dr. Fauci. mi piace Dr. Fauci. rispetto Dr. Fauci. ma Dr. Fauci ha bisogno di tagliare la merda. Non si tratta di Dr. Fauci. It’s not about his feelings. I am sorry if his feelings were hurt. Maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony. We are not debating dance moves on TikTok. We are talking about millions of human lives. Here’s what we know. Dott. Fauci gave a lot of U.S. taxpayer money to the Wuhan lab for Chinese scientists to research bat coronaviruses. Neither Dr. Fauci nor any of his people can guarantee us that the Chinese scientists didn’t use that money to do gain of function research and turn a normal virus into a supercharged virus. They were not monitored. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Da 1992, ci sono stati 11 different experiments, widely reported, in which scientists throughout the world have taken a normal virus and turned it into a supercharged pathogen. Number 2, the bio security at the Wuhan lab sucked. Chinese has a history of lab leaks. 1977, 2004 e 2019. Anche. Since day 1, Dott. Fauci and his expert friends have told us, Guarda, the virus occurred naturally. It jumped from a bat to a host and then to human beings. Bene, it’s been a year. Where is the proof? Where is the smoking bat? Do you really think if China could prove this virus occurred naturally in nature it would withhold that evidence? No it would scream it from the rooftop to get the world off its back.


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