Suo. Lindsey Graham: Amnesty will lead to a run on the border

SENATOR GRAHAM: If you don’t believe that giving legal status to people who have been here illegally for years without first securing the border will entice more people to come, you’re crazy. We have always done border security first. I have been involved in every immigration reform proposal in the last 5 anni. The Democratic Party agreed with me and other Republicans to spend $ 40 billion to secure the border in 2013. Adesso, I can’t get them to admit that the pull factors that they have created are causing the flow of illegal immigration. There is nothing changed in the triangle countries. They are no worse, no better. What’s changed is we changed our policies.


Here is what you need to understand. They are willing to do that they are willing to take mail-in voting and put it into a reconciliation package to have their dream of mail-in voting as a national standard, which will be terrible for elections and terrible for conservatism. But the idea of giving amnesty in an infrastructure package would lead to a run on the border like you have never seen. It will double or triple the number of people trying to get into the country. The day you legalize one person, Brian, without first securing your border it spreads throughout the world and they will come by the millions not by the hundreds of thousands. If you don’t believe me, ask the border security people in charge. I challenged Dick Durbin today to have a hearing on the status of the border. Bring the professionals before the Congress and let’s ask them what has happened in the last six months and if we provided legal status, what would happen in the next six months? They won’t let me ask those questions because they don’t want to hear the answer.

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