Sen. Marco Rubio: What we’re seeing at the border is caused by administration’s ‘incompetence’

Sen. Marco Rubio: Joe Biden was elected on the promise that he was going to return normalcy, competency to the American government. That’s what he argued and said, as if there was an absence of it. And what you see now is a cascade of calamities and disasters. And they were all created by him and by actions he took. You can’t go around for months sort of arguing that there’s just not going be any border security and creating the perception and the reality that people can enter the country and they’re going to get to stay, and not expect for thousands of people to come. 

And what we’re witnessing now, look, it’s heartbreaking to see. It’s also unsustainable and it’s 100% percent caused by everything they’ve said and done up to this point that’s led to this. And by the way, where is the Vice President who’s supposed to be in charge of the border response? I think right now she seems to be in the witness protection program because she’s nowhere to be seen on that. And I could go on. We could spend an hour here talking about the cascade of calamities and disasters that have all been brought about by this administration, their incompetence and the wrong decisions that they’ve made. 


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