Sen. Marsha Blackburn: China is part of 'new axis of evil'

SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN: What we know is China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are the new axis of evil. We know that China is very aggressive, that they are testing the Biden administration. And when it comes to what we should do about it, we need to remember: generations of Americans have promised to protect Taiwan. And when we protect Taiwan, we send the signal that we are going to stand for and protect democracy. And that signal is understood by our allies, not only our allies in the Indo-Pacific, but our allies globally. It is also understood by our enemies that we are going to stand solid and resolute for democracy…

The Biden administration should send more messages of support for Taiwan, and for our allies who are going to stand with us against China and their aggression. Look, when you look at what is happening with China, how they are pushing into the South China Sea, if they move in and they were to take Taiwan, if they take away the freedoms from Hong Kong, if you look at what they are doing to the Tibetans, that they are doing to the Uighurs, if you look at how they are trying to practice debt diplomacy all around the globe…what are they trying to do?

They are trying to build a Chinese empire, much like what you had with the old Soviet Union. And as I said, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea – this is your new axis of evil. This is where we have to keep our focus.





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