Sen. Martha McSally: I’m voting for President Trump and you should too — here’s why

Sen. Martha McSally: I’m voting for President Trump and you should too — here’s why

We are in a fight for the future of our country. Arizona is the pivotal battleground that will decide whether we continue on a path to recovery, growth, opportunity, and freedom — or careen in the opposite direction: shutting our country down, increasing job-killing taxes and regulations, and putting the government in control of our lives.

This fundamental choice is what is on the ballot in Arizona and across the country. That is why I’m asking my fellow Arizonans to reelect President Trump and send me back to the Senate to keep Republicans in majority control.

Before the first-in-a-century coronavirus pandemic hit, our economy was in after-burner. We had record-low unemployment in nearly every demographic. Some 70% of new jobs last year went to women.


This didn’t happen by chance.

President Trump and congressional Republicans cut taxes and rolled back regulations imposed by the Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration that stifled growth. On average, a middle-income family saved $ 2,000 on its annual tax bill as a result.

We created Opportunity Zones that encouraged businesses to invest in underserved communities, creating job opportunities and revitalization. We incentivized businesses to bring home jobs from overseas and reshore manufacturing.

When the result is more jobs and more money in the pockets of Americans working hard to achieve the American Dream, it’s clear that what we did worked.

As we’re recovering from the devastating impact of the pandemic, we need more of these pro-growth policies to rebuild and propel our economy forward. But former Vice President Joe Biden, my Democratic opponent in my Senate race Mark Kelly, and the Democrats are calling for the exact opposite.

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Biden, Kelly and other Democrats want to undo our tax cuts and implement the largest tax increase in modern history. A recent study showed that the Biden economic plan would decrease household income by $ 6,500 and result in the loss of 5 million jobs.

Those tax increases are in part attributable to the Democratic plan to have the government take over health care. Their bureaucratic plan would mean more red tape, worse care, and higher costs.

Republicans and Democrats agree that we will always protect people with preexisting conditions, but when someone with a preexisting condition can’t afford their health insurance, that isn’t protecting them.

While we are working to bring down costs and provide more choices, transparency and competition, the Biden-Kelly plan would end Medicare as we know it, kick 178 million Americans off their health insurance, and close rural hospitals. So many families and small business owners in Arizona and across the country need a better solution to this broken system.

The only thing Democrats are interested in doing is using lies and scare tactics for political gain. They continue to push their failed, radical agenda, and this extremism comes at a real cost to Arizona families.

Mark Kelly delivers a lot of empty platitudes about being an “independent,” but his record tells a very different story.

Just like Joe Biden, Kelly’s weak-on-China record would make America less safe and less prosperous. Kelly personally recruited Chinese-government-tied Tencent to invest in a company he co-founded. This type of investment has been widely criticized by the national security community, yet he has doubled down on his business relationship with China.

Over the last decade, Kelly also built one of the most sophisticated political organizations in the country, aimed squarely at infringing on our Second Amendment rights. He spent $ 57 million supporting the most radical Democrats, including Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Adam Schiff of California, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California — in addition to others.

Kelly’s group rated California an “A” for its gun control policy, while giving Arizona an “F.” Anyone who wants to make Arizona more like California has no business representing us in the Senate.

Just this week, the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett, a highly qualified mom of seven, to the Supreme Court. Kelly said he would have voted “no” on her confirmation — before even hearing a single word out of her mouth at the confirmation hearing.

While we’ve built nearly 400 new miles of a border wall system that keeps Arizona safe under the Trump administration, Kelly and the Democrats would throw open our borders.


We are supporting and defending our brave law enforcement officers, while Kelly has embraced and tolerated the most hateful rhetoric that encourages attacks on our police. It’s no surprise that the National Border Patrol Council and the Arizona Police Association have endorsed me and President Trump, because they know we have their backs.

The contrast in this race couldn’t be clearer and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Implementing the disastrous Democratic agenda while shutting down the country again would be a devastating combination for the millions of Arizonans who have poured their life savings into building their own small businesses. It would be devastating to the working moms who are forced to stay home longer because Democrats would keep schools and day care centers closed.


It would be devastating to the millions of Americans who want to get back to work and life safely and sensibly, while protecting the vulnerable and defeating the virus.

Freedom, opportunity, and safety — everything I put my life on the line to defend while serving 26 years in the Air Force — are on the ballot. Vote for the Great American Comeback. Vote Trump-McSally in Arizona.


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