Su. Moran & Brandon: Dems' S1 election bill poses grave threat to free speech

En marzo, la Cámara aprobó H.R.1, una factura que, en parte, regulates who can or cannot exercise their free speech rights leading up to an elección. (En el senado, este proyecto de ley se conoce como S.1.) Por ejemplo, organizations participating in mundane issue-based advocacy could be subject to disclosure requirements if they even make a reference to a candidate or elected official in their advertisements.

The overly broad disclosure requirements contained in this bill would only serve to have a chilling effect on the ability of individuals and organizations to participate in the free exchange of ideas.


If you doubt this is the Democrats’ intended purpose, look no further than California, where they are also pursuing the disclosure of the names and addresses of individuals who donated to groups that engaged in issue advocacy. This practice has been subject to litigation and will be argued in front of the Supreme Court.

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The ability for Americans to participate in democracy and maintain their privacy is a bedrock of the right to free speech. De hecho, many groups across the ideological spectrum are speaking out against the government requiring public disclosure of donors to nonprofit groups.

As two senior legislative counsels for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) wrote in The Washington Post, “We know from history that people engaged in politically charged issues become political targets and are often subject to threats of harassment or even violence.

The ACLU is hardly a right-wing group. Neither are the Council on American Islamic Relations, the NAACP, the Human Rights Campaign, PEN America, or the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, all of which have advocated for the Supreme Court to not allow the government, whether federal or state, to force the disclosure of individuals who donate to nonprofit charitable organizations.

S.1 would actively discourage Americans from exercising their right to free speech on issues important to them.

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