Sy. Ron Johnson beskuldig Mayorkas, hoof van DHS, dat hy in 'staat van ontkenning' is oor die suidelike grenskrisis

JOHNSON: Dit was surrealisties om in daardie gehoorkamer te wees toe ons die voorsitter hoor [Gary] Peters en [Nasionale Sekuriteit] sekretaris [Alejandro Mayorkas praat oor hoe hulle hierdie krisis geërf het en die getalle verbeter. The only thing that is improvingthey kept talking about how they’re getting more efficient at apprehending, processing and dispersing illegal immigrants around the country without even a notice to appear. So it was pretty shocking. I think we were all amazed at the state of denial this secretary was in. We obviously have the numbers that show this is a man-made crisis. This is a crisis produced by President Biden when he dismantled the successful policies of President Trump.

Wat hulle [Biden administrasie] could do is what they won’t do is reinstate the policies that worked. During the hearing they say the crisis started ramping up in April of 2020. Ja, numbers started rising because you had Democratic presidential candidates say that would not deport anybody. They would offer illegal immigrants free health care. That began to draw more people into the country after President Trump stopped the flow of unaccompanied children and family units exploiting our generous asylum laws. The other thing to point out, both President Biden and Vice President Harris know the human deprivations, the inhumanity, their policies are creating. They are facilitating the multibillion dollar business model of the most evil people on the planet. The sex trafficking, the human trafficking, the beatings, the kidnappings, the additional ransom. They know this. They know children are being sold and recycled to be used again for another adult as a family unit. They knew this and still instituted policies incentivizing the business model. It’s shameful.


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