Suo. Ted Cruz labels Biden's joint address to Congress 'boring but radical'

CRUZ: I think the speech tonight, you could sum up three words: boring but radical. The speech by design was calm and dulcet tones, you know I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech. It was monotone, the chamber was nearly empty, and that really has characterized the first hundred days of Joe Biden, that he’s tried to say nothing notable, he’s tried to tweet nothing notable. I think he’s made the political decisions that many people were tired of the drama of the previous four years, and they wanted something calm, but Joe is deliberately being boring, but the substance of what he saying is radical. This is the most radical first hundred days of any president in the history of this country. This makes Barack Obama look mild and moderate. You look at what Joe Biden stood up there tonight and said, Egli ha detto, number one we’re raising taxes, we’re raising every tax. If you pay taxes in America, your taxes are going up. He said they’re going to raise individual income taxes, they’re going to raise corporate income taxes, they’re going to raise taxes on small businesses, they’re going to raise capital gains taxes, they’re going to raise the death tax. Every tax is going up and it’s to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Look at what Joe Biden didn’t say tonight. He didn’t say we’re opening up small businesses, he didn’t say we’re getting people back to work. He didn’t say we’re getting kids back in school, completely missing from his remarks tonight what was the outrage that more the half of the kids in America are not in person in school five days a week. He provided zero solutions to the crisis at the border that he caused, he pretended it didn’t exist. This was all about trillions of dollars in spending, massive job-killing regulations, trillions of dollars in taxes, and it was an unapologetic partisan speech. There wasn’t even the tiniest fig leaf of an outreach to the other side. All of that was gone tonight. Tonight It was a hundred days ago he gave his inauguration, where he talked about unity, he talked about common ground, all that was gone today. Tonight this was an agenda that was set by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and AOC, it’s the radicals and socialists. What did he talk about also? The corrupt politicians asked, the federal takeover of election to keep Democrats in power forever, and he didn’t once reject the radical Democratic plan we saw introduced this last week to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with four new liberals. This was a frightening speech, and it was a frightening speech masquerading in really boring tones.


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