Sen. Tom Cotton calls to 'ban the import of Russian oil and gas'

SEN. TOM COTTON: The Democrats are blind ideologues when it comes to oil and gas. I’m glad that Nancy Pelosi has finally come around to what I’ve been saying for weeks, which so many Republicans say, that we should ban the import of Russian oil and gas. We should not be sending tens of millions of dollars to Vladimir Putin’s war machine. Yet she wouldn’t replace it with American oil and gas, which would, of course, just mean higher prices at the pump for Americans. Or you have Pete Buttigieg’s proposal, which is to ban Russian oil and gas and replace it with Iranian oil and gas. So send billions of dollars to the ayatollahs who chant, “Death to America.” That’s just how ideologically opposed they are to American energy. … At a time when we’re isolating Vladimir Putin in every way, Joe Biden is personally relying on Vladimir Putin to negotiate a bad nuclear deal with the Iranians. 

[Russia is] sitting down at the negotiating table. Vladimir Putin is essentially acting as the lawyer and the banker for the ayatollahs chanting, “Death to America.” And Joe Biden is hoping that he can get a bad nuclear deal to get more Iranian oil to replace all the American oil that he won’t produce. It would be very simple to do what I proposed yesterday in the Senate, which is just to start producing more oil and gas again here in America. You heard at the State of the Union the other night: a lot of talk about “Make it in America.” We can make our own oil and gas in America, Joe Biden just refuses to.





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