Sen. Tom Cotton slams Biden's 'ill advised' decision to keep Afghanistan withdrawal deadline

SEN. TOM COTTON: No, Sean, I don’t. I think Joe Biden hasn’t explained those things because they’re all inexplicable. I’m very glad that we could have played a small part in helping Syed and Mohammed and their families get back to the United States—couldn’t be prouder of all the young men and women on my team who’ve been pitching in around the clock for the last two weeks to help all of our fellow citizens. I think the news tonight gives us an example of why it’s so ill-advised for President Biden to be rushing to this August 31 deadline. All Americans around the airport have been told to leave immediately because of the terrorist threat. Let’s hope there is not a terrorist attack for the safety of our troops, but the very fact that Joe Biden is sticking stubbornly to this August 31 deadline indicates that all it takes is for the Taliban or ISIS or al Qaeda to continue with these kinds of threats to prevent hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans from being left behind enemy lines come Tuesday. 


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