Sen. Tom Cotton: The leak about Pelosi’s Taiwan trip came straight from the White House

TOM COTTON: The word I’ve heard in Congress is that the leak of Nancy Pelosi’s trip came straight from the White House. The pressure came from Joe Biden, who doesn’t want her to take this trip because he’s once again kowtowing to Beijing. But Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden shouldn’t be worried about China’s aggressiveness. They should be making China worry about our aggressiveness. For decades, American lawmakers have been traveling to Taiwan of both parties, and that should continue now, especially after it became public.

I actually saw Speaker Pelosi last night and I told her it was absolutely essential that she go forward to this trip no matter what Joe Biden says… Yes, if she invited me to go to Taiwan to show the bipartisan support that Taiwan has in Congress, I would, of course, travel to Taiwan together. 


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