Senate confirms Bedoya to be Federal Trade Commissioner

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed President Joe Biden’s pick for Federal Trade Commissioner, Alvaro Bedoya. 그만큼 51-50 vote was along party lines, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking a tie.

몇 달 동안, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has urged swift confirmation of Bedoya, who’s nomination Senate Republicans have aggressively opposed.
그만큼 five-member Federal Trade Commission is currently deadlocked, and Bedoya’s appointment, Schumer가 말했다, will allow the agency, 다른 것들 사이, to investigate and go afterprice gougers” 과 “manipulators” 한가운데 record-setting high gas prices across the country.
    The FTC right now is one of the best agencies for protecting Americans from price gougers, manipulators, and those trying to rip off American consumers or at least it would be if it had full membership,” the New York Democrat said in remarks on the Senate floor in March.
      Bedoya’s nomination is considered critical as the Federal Trade Commission ramps up enforcement on algorithms, 사이버 보안, privacy and a slew of antitrust issues surrounding Big Tech. His confirmation will give Democrats a voting majority at the FTC and break a months-long 2-2 partisan deadlock at the antitrust and consumer protection agency.
        Senate Republicans have worked to slow down Bedoya’s confirmation, forcing Democrats to take time-consuming procedural steps to advance his nomination. GOP lawmakers have targeted Bedoyawhose research at Georgetown University focused on surveillance technology’s disproportionate impact on minoritiesover his past criticism of US immigration enforcement.
          In remarks on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Bedoya as ahardcore partisanand notfit to neutrally oversee major economic decisions.
            The Federal Trade Commission is an important agency that gets wide latitude to oversee our private sector,” McConnell added. “The American people need its commissioners to be level-headed experts who will put aside ideological axe-grinding.




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