Senate confirms Isabel Guzman to lead Small Business Administration

The Senate confirmed Isabel Guzman to lead the Small Business Administration on Tuesday, giving her a key role in implementing the Biden administration’s $ 1.9 biljoen Covid-verligtingsrekening. Die stemming was 81 aan 17.

The new SBA administrator will oversee the Paycheck Protection Program, the over $ 687 billion loan initiative that has helped millions of companies but also been ripe forbedrog, waste, and abuse,” Volgens a House Democratic investigation last year.
Guzman, California’s former Small Business Advocate, also served as deputy chief of staff during the Obama administration. Her nomination was supported by the US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups.

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised Guzman and her family background of small business owners.
      I have every confidence that under Ms. Guzman’s leadership, the SBA will help small business owners hold onto their dreams until our economy comes roaring back,” said Schumer.
        Van die 23 Cabinet-level positions requiring Senate consideration, 18 have now been confirmed. The Senate voted to confirm Deb Haaland as the first Native American Cabinet secretary in US history on Monday. This week it is also expected to vote on the nominations of Katherine Tai to be United States Trade Representative and Xavier Becerra to serve as Secretary of Health and Human Services.




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