Senators Hagerty, Blackburn slam Biden economic policy on 'Breakfast with Friends': 'Build back broke'

Tennessee Republican Senatori, Bill Hagerty and Martha Blackburn joined Lawrence Jones in Nashville Friday at the Pancake Pantry to discuss how the Biden administration and Democratici contributed to inflazione and are to blame for families struggling


BILL HAGERTY: They’re very upset and very concerned the policies that we’ve seen coming out of this Biden administration have absolutely driven inflation through the roof. They’ve created shortages. And if people anticipate that goods are going to cost more tomorrow than they do today, they’re desperately buying. It’s self-fulfilling. Se ci pensi, inflation is a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s what’s happening right now. Then we’ve incentivized unemployment. Lots of people aren’t coming back into the workforce and they’re coming back slowly. We’ve seen supply chain dislocations. È vero, but we’ve also seen massive increases in prices. intendo, think about what Biden did when he killed the Keystone XL pipeline, and he’s done everything to really wage war on the oil and gas industry and gas prices are through the roof. Everything that we buy here in America is going to be transported. It has a massively inflationary impact and it’s hurting us all.

MARSHA BLACKBURN: Every time you go to the gas pump, the grocery store, every time you get ready to order something online, everything is costing more. So inflation is a tax that everybody pays. And if the Democrats get their way, if they pass the build, indietro, broke plan, as I call it, then inflation is going to even go up more and you’re going to continue to see these pressures on what we have available to buy.

Watch the full discussion below.

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